Mission Statement 

Our vision of Minidoka Memorial is an independent community hospital dedicated to improving the health and well being of the Mini-Cassia area.

The purpose of Minidoka Memorial Hospital is to provide and promote high-quality, compassionate, primary health care services and health education to residents of, and visitors to, the Mini-Cassia region.



Welcome to Minidoka Memorial Hospital (MMH).  

MMH is a Critical Access Hospital located in Rupert, Idaho. It is the only hospital and nursing home in Minidoka County. MMH is governed by a Board of Trustees that is appointed by the Minidoka County Commissioners. The focus of the organization is to provide access to healthcare services, including surgical specialties that are sustainable in a smaller, rural market.

We are approaching the end of the useful life of several of the condominium-style physician offices behind the hospital. Previously, we had planned to build a new Medical Office Building (MOB) in 3 to 5 years from the completion of the hospital remodel. The hospital remodel was completed last July. Due to concern about construction related inflation and due to continued low interest rates, MMH is considering an additional loan to accelerate the construction of the new MOB. Experts predict that construction-related inflation will be 6 to 6.5% for the next three years, then taper off somewhat. If that prediction is correct, MMH could save as much as $1.1 million by borrowing more money at current interest rates and accelerating construction. Construction could start as early as mid summer.

MMH completed another successful year in 2013, according the recently completed financial audit. Support from area physicians and community members make it possible for our hospital to sustain itself. 

The hospital recently purchased one of the most advanced CT machines available for a small hospital. The new CT equipment will be installed and useable by the end of March.

This hospital’s greatest asset is not the new facilities or money in the bank, but rather, the good people that choose to work here. The most up-to-date buildings and equipment are of limited value without caring and competent individuals carrying out the day to day work at goes on in a hospital.  


Thank you for your interest in Minidoka Memorial Hospital.


Carl Hanson - CEO at Minidoka Memorial Hospital