Our Goal Is To Care For You!

Well, summer should be here soon, or maybe spring, or maybe winter, who knows since it seems to be different every other day.  That being said, it’s no secret that this last winter season will certainly be one for the record.  From major storms to unprecedented flooding we continued to care for people no matter the conditions outside.  Our staff waded through snow drifts, flood waters, and you name it to fulfill their duty to take care of patients.

Looking back over the last several months there were several things that left an impression on me.  I witnessed a community work together with great compassion and understanding during a state of emergency as we dealt with flooding and winter storms.  From filling sandbags to setting up and running pumps to save as much property as possible, several people went the extra mile to help as much as needed. 

Here in our facility I’m extremely proud of our staff and how they performed in drills and real emergencies with excellent outcomes.  With training and real incidents come new skills, and a sharpening of skills already in place.  I feel proud to say no matter the situation I’m comfortable referring anyone here for medical care, knowing they will be care for with compassion and professionalism.

As we head into the summer months we are planning an expansion of services in our Rural Health Clinic with the addition of more Internal Medicine providers.  We have also expanded access to Ear Nose and Throat specialists and a continuation of access to Cardiology.

As our facility grows we are planning some improvements to our infrastructure.  We will be constructing a new Helipad, improving our parking lots, addressing ADA access, and adding curbing and sidewalks to make accessibility and parking on our campus much more user friendly.

I would encourage you to get out and enjoy the wonders and beauty our diverse geography has to offer, and as always be safe as you work and recreate in our incredible part of the state.  As always, we are here to take care of you and your family if you need us.  Take Care!

Thank You for your interest in Minidoka Memorial Hospital

Tom Murphy, CEO at Minidoka Memorial Hospital

Our Vision

Our vision of Minidoka Memorial is an independent community hospital dedicated to improving the health and well being of the Mini-Cassia area.

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The purpose of Minidoka Memorial Hospital is to provide and promote high-quality, compassionate, primary health care services and health education to residents of, and visitors to, the Mini-Cassia region.

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