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Home Health Care can be an option for people who have medical conditions that require a Register Nurse to monitor them and report their progress back to their physicians.   This service can be covered by Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Compensation, Veterans Administration or private insurance companies if a patient can meet their qualifying criteria. A patient can also make arrangements to pay privately. Our billing specialists can assist you in determining what is available to you.  Some of the services that can be provided under Home Health care if ordered by the physician are:
Register Nursing Services             Certified Nursing Assistants  
IV Therapy                                        Bathing
Wound Care                                     Grooming & Personal Hygiene                     
Phlebotomy Services                       Mobility Assistance
Medication Monitoring                      Transferring & Positioning
                                                         Toileting & Incontinence Care
 Physical Therapy                          Vitals Signs Monitoring
 Occupational Therapy                  Medication Reminders
 Speech Therapy                            Exercise Programs   
 Social Services 
 Nutritional Therapy           

Hospice Care

Our Hospice program is for patients that need respite and end of life care. Hospice care is appropriate when the focus of care is comfort and no longer a cure. Hospice emphasizes quality, rather than length of life. Hospice neither hastens nor postpones death; it affirms life and regards dying as a natural process. The hospice program stresses human values that go beyond the physical needs of the patient. Hospice ensures that patients spend their final days with dignity and comfort.
Minidoka Home Health and Hospice believes that the essential element in quality patient care is highly trained and caring health professionals. Our interdisciplinary team has extensive training and experience in caring for patients with life limiting illnesses and their families. Under the direction of a physician, hospice uses unique methods of pain and symptom management that enable the patient to live as fully and comfortably as possible.
At Minidoka Memorial Home Health and Hospice we consider the entire family, not just the patient, as "the unit of care." Patients and families are included in the decision-making process. We offer bereavement to fulfill our promise by providing emotional support to help families and patients deal with any unresolved issues, and assist them in coping with their feelings.
Hospice is a service covered by Medicare and many insurance plans. Studies have shown that hospice care is less expensive than conventional care during the last six months of life. Less high-cost technology is used and hospitalizations are less frequent. Patients with life-limiting illnesses are encouraged to talk to their physicians about hospice care.

Private Duty Services

  Private Duty Services provide assistance with the activities of daily living, including bathing and grooming assistance, meal preparation, laundry, housekeeping, running errands and shopping, or nursing intervention. These services are provided at reasonable rates allowing for patients to remain comfortably in their own home, even on a budget.
If you do not qualify for Home Health Care of Personal Care Services, as previously described, Private Duty Services are right for you. As in our other programs you direct your own care, but you do not have to have a skilled need or orders from your physician to begin receiving Private Duty Services today.

Personal Care - Home and Community Based Services

Minidoka Home Health Agency also provides services under the Aged and Disabled Waiver Program. Medicaid recipients may be eligible, as determined by Medicaid, for this program, also known as Personal Care Services and Home and Community Based Services. Benefits of this program include assistance with the activities of daily living such as:
Showering/Bathing | Light Duty Housekeeping | Communication/Supervision
Grooming & Personal Hygiene | Laundry | Transferring/Positioning
Toileting & Incontinence Care | Medication Reminders | Grocery Shopping/Errands
Exercise Programs

Foot Clinic

  Minidoka Home Health and Hospice also provides a Foot Clinic on the fourth Thursday of every month at 2:00 p.m. in our office.  In months of November & December will be on the 3rd Thursday due to the holidays. For a fee of $10.00, your feet will be soaked, toenails trimmed and filed, and lotion will be rubbed onto your feet. Light refreshments are served. To schedule an appointment, Call 436-9019.  Diabetics will be referred to a podiatrist to have their toe nails clipped.  Diabetics attending our foot clinic will only have their toe nails cleaned and filed.

All of our direct staff:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Licensed Physical Therapists
  • Certified Nursing Assistants
  • Licensed Speech Therapists
  • Licensed Occupational Health Therapists
  • Licensed Dietician
  • Licensed Social Worker

Are fingerprinted & background checked.  And unlike many other agencies our nursing assistants are certified and licensed. 


Licensed By:

  • The State of Idaho Department of Health and Welfare


National Association of Home Care, Idaho Association of Home Health Agencies, Idaho Coalition of Home Health Agencies, and National Palliative Care Association

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