Please use North Entrance (by new Emergency Room) for all blood work

Health Fair 2019

September 28, 2019

8:00 AM – NOON

Breakfast Available

Early Bird Blood draws available September 17th-27th, at Minidoka Memorial Hospital 7am to 9am

Health Fair Blood Draws ONLY please use Front Main Entrance.

Health Fair Profile $55.00

Expanded chemistry profile, Lipid profile, Thyroid (TSH) and CBC
Persons should FAST (Nothing to eat or drink except water) for 10-12 hours prior to test.

PSA Blood Test $15.00

Prostate Specific Antigen – Optional for men during Blood Chemistry blood draw

Glycohemoglobin (Alc) $25.00

Targets Average of Glucose for the last 3 months

Total Testosterone $25.00

Optional for men- a good screening for “Low- T” symptoms or problems

Vitamin D-25OH $45.00

Optional for everyone- a good screening for Vitamin D deficiencies

To participate in the free testing, well owners are advised to do the following on the morning of the fair: Identify a source that is not connected to a treatment device (water softener, carbon filter, or other filtration system). An outside faucet or hydrant works best. Use a clean glass jar and lid or Ziploc baggie to collect the water sample. Label the outside with your name or address, date, and well name (garden well, house well, etc.). Allow the water to run about 10 minutes to empty the pressure tank so water comes directly from the aquifer. Doing so will lead to more accurate results. Fill the container with approximately ½ to one cup of water. Keep the sample cool until tested. DEQ will test it on site for nitrate and give you the results. For more information, contact Irene Nautch at DEQ’s Twin Falls Regional Office at (208) 736-2190 or e-mail