Respiratory Therapy


Visit the ROC at Minidoka Memorial Hospital

Minidoka Memorial Hospital is extremely pleased to announce the addition of our new Ancillary Service. The ROC (Respiratory Outpatient Clinic).  This service is available to provide support for infants (newborns to 18 months) with RSV or Bronchiolitis. 

The ROC gives parents or caregivers the opportunity to bring children with RSV or Bronchiolitis to the hospital with a doctor’s prescription for respiratory support. Stuart Young, Respiratory Manager says “this service is a great benefit to our community because it helps those infants with RSV/Bronchiolitis to maintain a clear airway and hopefully avoid an emergency room visit or hospitalization.  It helps them eat and sleep better which is very important for a quick recovery. It truly helps the babies.”  If your infant children are experiencing symptoms of RSV or Bronchiolitis visit your family doctor then see us at the ROC at Minidoka Memorial Hospital.